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Monday, November 17, 2014


Here is a playlist of coconut oil benefits, some videos I made, some videos other people made. I love to take a few hours and watch the really helps remind me how much healthier I do feel when I ingest coconut oil to my foods..unrefined virgin coconut oil....even my cats, especially the older cat will lick his lips when I ask him if he wants some coconut oil, it's to funny to see him do that, next time I need to get the camera ready to catch his reaction when I mention coconut oil.


So many times I want to reach through the computer scream and grab that toothpaste or the cosmetic wipe out of your hand!! Coconut Oil can substitute most any product out there.  I am so happy to continue to update my toothpaste/teeth whitening experiment over the years. Never did I believe I could get my teeth brighter and whiter with using baking soda and coconut oil....and of course oil pulling for removal of toxin and strong healthy gums and bones. At my age, 56, teeth will naturally yellow over the years, so I knew I would never have that artificial illuminating light bulb teeth color. Here is my latest update on coconut oil/baking soda toothpaste to help whiten my teeth and also have given up fluoride toothpaste, since I don't want any more chemicals in my body.