Friday, April 14, 2017

Dietary Ketosis-Measure Guide with Keto Strips

Some people will depend on keto strip to see if they are in dietary ketosis. I will often use keto strips as a guide to confirm I am expelling excess ketones and my body is in the fat burning mode, also so many other signs with out using the strips to tell you are in dietary ketosis which most can tell by keto breath, thirst(I like to add electrolytes and Apple Cider Vinegar(raw ACV) in my water), lack of hunger, and more energy.

Being in Dietary Ketosis means that your body's primary source of energy is fat (in the form of ketones). When you consume adequate protein as well, there's no need for the body to break down its muscle tissue. Ketosis also tends to accelerate fat loss --- once the liver converts fat to ketones, it can't be converted back to fat, and so is excreted. 

Ketones will spill into the urine ONLY when there is more in the blood than is being used as fuel by the body at that particular moment.

You may have exercised or worked a few hours previously, so your muscles would have used up the ketones as fuel, thus there will be no excess. You may have had a lot of liquids to drink, so the urine is more diluted. Perhaps the strips are not fresh, or the lid was not on tight and some moisture from the atmosphere got in.

Some low carbers never show above trace or negative even ..yet, they burn fat and lose weight just fine. If you're losing weight and your clothes are getting looser, you're feeling well and not hungry all the time .. then you are successfully in ketosis. The main thing is don't get hung up buying keto strips, they are just a guide, nothing more, but in the beginning, for some, like me, it motivates me to stay clean eating and focus on the goals, which is good health and optimal weight loss and maintenance.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Removing toxins with Milk Thistle- Real Weight Loss

The low carb lifestyle has proven to me over and over that I can live a healthy life if I stick with the lifestyle to works me for...I am a fat burner, and I can do this, thank you for motivating and supporting me..I love to share my journey and love to learn new's to a wonderful and successful healthy 2016! yes, I EAT FAT TO BURN brain cannot survive on sugar, wheat, and GMO food..clean eating people, no matter what it cost, I always save to be able to eat clean, and watch out for hidden sugars, read label, but don't live in a fish bowl, you can enjoy eating out, just be a mindful slow, drinking plenty of filtered water and apple cider vinegar water and coconut oil and oil pulling...oil pulling is amazing...more and more videos coming soon, I have a new product review that is amazing and exciting for me to share...:)

 Please consult with your health care provider before starting any supplements as it may interfere with your total health.

 Liver detoxification supports steady weight control 
Milk Thistle(Silymarin) enhances liver function through its ability to prevent toxin-induced damage and by stimulating the growth of new liver cells to replace old, damaged cells, without stimulating malignant tissue (tumors). Silymarin has been shown to stimulate the production of Glutathione by over 35%. Increased glutathione levels raise the liver’s ability to handle a wide range of hormones, drugs and chemicals. One human placebo controlled study has demonstrated the effectiveness of Milk Thistle in protecting the liver from toxins such as solvents, paints, and glues. The study showed the decrease in certain harmful liver enzymes and bilirubin in the group that took Milk Thistle, while there was no improvement in placebo group. Milk Thistle does not cleanse the liver, but it increases the production of bile, which helps to reduce fatty deposits in the liver, aiding detoxification and weight control. Taken for a couple of months, Milk Thistle will improve fat metabolism in the liver. This will also stimulate weight loss.

Milk Thistle is also a bitter herb that assists the digestion of fats. It helps digestive discomforts caused by overeating, such as nausea and indigestion. It is one of the most popular remedies sold in health food shops during Christmas. Everyone who drinks alcohol, take recreational drugs, indulge in fatty foods and taking medicines such as painkillers on a regular basis, should take Milk Thistle. It is a wonderful anti-hangover remedy too. Taken before and after drinking, Milk Thistle helps to alleviate hangover symptoms and helps to detoxify the liver.

 The liver breaks down excess hormones such as estrogen, but sometimes it is not degrading estrogen properly, which causes or increases hormonal imbalance. In addition, period can be heavy because the liver does not detoxify the bloodstream properly, leading to accumulation of toxins. This also results in outbreaks of acne in females. Healthy liver function may contribute to a better hormone balance, thus helping to alleviate PMS symptoms and clear the skin in cases on hormonal acne. Taking milk thistle prior to period can help to lighten it and reduce the discomfort.

 Liver cleanses the bloodstream and encourages good bowel function through the production of bile. Maintaining these processes is of prime importance for a good skin condition, free of acne, eczema and psoriasis. Silymarin reduces excessive proliferation of skin cells, reduces inflammation and significantly improves liver function, which is often impaired in psoriasis sufferers.

My next topic will be on Turmeric, another one of those super mega supplements that supports my total health.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chemical Free Coconut Oil Tooth Paste

Why change your commercial toothpaste to a homemade natural toothpaste?

Well, in case you didn't know it, fluoride is highly toxic. In fact, before fluoride was deemed a "cavity fighter," it was used as insecticide and rat poison. It's true. Even more surprising is that when it comes to dental hygiene, fluoride actually does more harm than good.
Everything you always DIDN'T want to know about fluoride
For many years the message that fluoride safely prevents tooth decay has been considered almost sacred. This idea also came from the same “chemicals for better living” era that also was told to the public that smoking cigarettes helped soothed the throat!!, why were we so miss informed? Wow!.

Here is a little known fact about Fluoride that maybe  didn't cross your mind.
Fluoride is a pollutant - a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing. In the 1930's  a study (funded by one of the country's largest aluminum companies) concluded that fluoride prevented tooth decay and when this miracle chemical was added to water, it will give you healthy teeth and gums and totally bright smile..
Fluoride is a poison; it enhances the brain's absorption of aluminum. Too many health problems to mention right now, but if you take the time to read up on fluoride, you will know that by eliminating this toxic chemical out of your daily toothpaste and water, you might notice a big difference in how you feel, besides seeing  great improvement with your dental health.

Why Coconut Oil?
 100% Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil has a richer flavor than Refined Coconut Oil.

The oil is minimally processed, which results in an oil that has a much higher nutrient content (proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants).Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil provides the greatest amount of nutrients are preserved .

**Please don't use Refined Coconut Oil.
Refined Coconut Oil is both tasteless & odorless. It is the most processed coconut oil. It goes through a pretty intensive process that deodorizes and bleaches the oil, most of the nutrients are gone.

Because there are no ingredients in the toothpaste that will go bad…this toothpaste with natural 100% Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil, will keep for a long time, but making it in small batches is the best way that worked for me, since I brush 3 times daily, I usually make a fresh batch each morning.

Why Baking soda?
Some people take baking soda daily to balance their pH levels and swear by its effects.

Now, I don’t sweeten my coconut oil tooth paste, but you can use stevia, which is not bad for your teeth or you could use xylitol too.
What I love most is there is nothing that I am putting in my mouth that I don’t know how to pronounce.

Coconut Oil is packed with many healthy benefits, especially when you oil pull, pulling the toxins out of your body, just by swishing, instead of using that chemical mouth wash…you get a natural clean fresh breath and healthy gums and strong bones supporting your teeth. One of the greatest benefits of brushing with coconut oil and baking soda is a natural tooth whitener, not an artificial chemical tooth whitener. The coconut oil and baking soda brings back your natural tooth color and prevents stains from occurring

Oh yeah, I also rub coconut oil on my cats teeth and gums, I have 3 cats, and their dental health is important to me and saves money not having to take them to the vet for teeth cleaning.  Rubbing coconut oil on the gums at night also relieves any soreness they might have. Plus a healthy coat of fur and also good internal benefits, just like humans!

2 table spoon. virgin coconut oil
1/2 table spoon. baking soda
1/4 tea spoon finely ground sea salt
 *add stevia or xylitol if prefer
* add mint oil extract if prefer

**If you are concerned about the coconut oil clogging your drains, just spit the toothpaste in a trash can when you are finished

Watch My Video on How I Make My Own Teeth Whitening Toothpaste with Coconut Oil