Friday, January 14, 2011

80 degree weather, Sean Croxton interviews Gary Taubes-I'm so Happy!

Well, here it is, Friday Night, I just came in from my 2 miles walk, sat down, pour a large glass of ice water, and reached for a nice snack, which turned out to be 2 mozzarella cheese stick which I nuked in the microwave(tastes just like cheese bread sticks) and ready to sit back and enjoy listening to Gary Taubes
to jump start my low-carb ketosis weekend.I went grocery shopping today, stocked up on all the good foods, ready to cook up a storm and enjoy the benefits of totally devoting my weekend to Low Carb, no need to cheat, its not something I want to do, because the scale moves and the inches come off when I prepare, and this podcast, just adds my motivation to get going back 100% on plan.

Gary's blog:

Please listen to this Sean Croxton's podcast and see if you shake your head like I do, in amazement, because I am living proof, everything Gary talks about, how he explains, and how he can give examples of how our body works with little carbs and more fats. I am so happy to sit and listen to Gary Taubes, it makes my low carb lifestyle so interesting, as I learn so many new things about my body, my happiness is when food makes me feel good, it's almost like my body is saying thank you Bonnie, you are listening to me, and I will take care of you and give you back your health& energy...I love the way I feel, also , it was 80 degrees to day in Los Angeles, way too weird, but I will take sunny warm weather everyday, because my joints don't act up as much when the weather is warmer...Happy weekend, enjoy life, and live happy. Thanks Sean Croxton!!

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