Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finding My Balance in 2012

Well, as I write this, looking back at 2011, and wow, what an eventful year for me, so eventful, that I took a good look at myself and could not believe how the weight gain continued to happen as I allow my balance in life get flurried with changing events, many good, many not so good, but I seem to combined them all in a jumble and stop focus on my weight loss, my Low Carb weight loss, that was so successful for me, so rewarding to finally eat good healthy foods, feel great and kept the scale from moving up in lbs, I said, I lost balance, and now its time to focus and make it work for me...I cannot allow any more to enter my energy space..there is not enough room in my life to fall off balance, stay tune..I will keep you updated and make many videos of my progress, my learned success and my hits and misses.

too many carbs=weight gain
lack of exercise=weight gain
medications-weight gain
loss off energy balance in life=yes, you name it!!
thanks for watching, subscribing, support and Motivation
join me in 2012, finding Balance in Life
I will practice meditation
Go back to My Low Carb Lifestyle, 100%-the BEST I ever felt
Manage my pain, my walking increases my health!!
Stay focus on life's new job??new place to live?? weight loss, manage my auto immune disease, and stay active, changing up routines..making my life challenging...this is just a few of what I have written down, now its all about DOING it, and seeing result...
Happy New Year!

remember-don't encountering a flurry of undirected energy-fight back, no matter how hard the struggle is...I am so anxious to try meditation, and my routine is all about change, and going back to the basic food plan, stay active, and free my mind of clutter

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