Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coconut Oil's Amazing Household Uses and Health & Beauty

I still get excited when someone new comes to me and asks me about coconut oil as a alternative natural health remedy. I always say to research and try for yourself. I am not a health care professional, but I am someone who has personally been benefiting from the amazing benefits of virgin coconut oil
One thing I have to stress, is always always purchase the unrefined 100%virgin coconut oil. This coconut oil should have a faint smell and taste of coconut. The purities of the coconut oil come from being cold pressed and not refined. My go to favorite coconut oil is from Tropical Traditions, but, you can locally purchase coconut oil at your health food store, just make sure it is 100% Pure unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil.

I consume(eat) daily 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon before each meal. I have experimented with oil pulling, and it is very important that I continue to document my results. I try to oil pull 3 times per week, to remove the toxins internally. My arthritis is under control, sticking to Low Carb, No Wheat, and The GOOD FATS in my diet.

I've also add the coconut oil to my morning coffee, it adds a wonderful light flavor of coconut oil, and when I add almond milk to the coffee, it adds my morning drink into an energy drink-try it!

Go through my blog posts and pages and search for more info on the wonderful Health benefits of coconut oil with you eat it.

But, I would like to add a few more uses of Coconut Oil to add to my list of many uses:

It's great to cook with, adding a subtle richness to foods and doesn't break down at high temperatures meaning that it's perfect for frying. And, it's also great outside the kitchen! Here are some of the ways you can use it around the house.

As a body lotion and moisturizer: Smooth on the room temperature oil and watch it melt into your skin! As a "dry" oil, it won't leave a film of grease on your skin.

Stop the itch: Mosquitos been feasting on you? Dab on a bit of coconut oil to quell the itch (and next time, tuck a dryer sheet into your pocket to keep the bugs away). Plus, it may help the bite heal without leaving a scar and it's antibacterial properties will help it from getting infected.
Insect repellent: Mix coconut oil with a few drops of peppermint oil to keep bugs away! I have a post on the west nile virus protection with coconut oil-check it out!

Aftershave: Slather it on your face or legs after shaving to prevent rashes. Throw away your shaving cream, and go natural with coconut oil.

Sunscreen: Apply a small amount, rub evenly for excellent natural skin protection.

Deodorant: Use a small amount alone or combine with equal parts baking soda and cornstarch. Work into a solid paste until it's the same consistency as the stick kind. I am truly excited not to have to buy deodorant anymore, 45 year of chemical under my finally I can switch and make my own deodorant, I will be making a quick video soon on my YouTube channel to show how easy it is to make.

Hair Conditioner: lightly coat your palms and smooth it into your hair before styling. It's especially great in the winter, smoothing flyaways and taming frizzy hair. I have made several videos about mixing coconut oil with cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar-check out my You Tube channel for more info.

I've read Toothpaste is another natural way to cleanse your teeth and gum...I will be researching more and get back with you about it, but I am sure it works wonderfully. Coconut oil is great for teeth whitening too!

Furniture Polish: Mix it with a little lemon juice and use it on wood furniture.

Bronze Polish: Rub a little into bronze items to clean and deepen the color.

Leather cleaner: Using a clean cloth, work a small amount into leather shoes to moisturize them and make them shine.

Remove rust: Before you toss those rusty knives or scissors, try this: slick coconut oil on the blades and let it sit for an hour then rinse with warm water.

Remove labels and their sticky residue: Cover the label with a film of coconut oil and let it soak in for a moment. The label should wipe off. Use a bit of oil on a towel to remove whatever's left.

Remove gum from hair: Do you remember when you would fall asleep with gum in your mouth only to wake up with it stuck to your hair, and the only way to get it out was peanut butter, or ice cube? or cut it out!! Oh the you can do a simple trick-. Apply coconut oil directly to the gum, let it sit for a moment before slowly sliding the gum out.

Stain remover: Coconut oil can be used to clean ink off of plastic and vinyl furniture.

So, these are just a FEW of the may household remedies of coconut oil. Buy one jar and starting saving a ton of money-I love coconut oil as a health remedy, but I also use the coconut oil for household cleaning, hair and skin, and of course help with weight loss. As I learn more, and experiment with my own health, I will continue to blog and video to spread the word, that coconut oil is one of nature's amazing oil.

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What exactly is oil pulling?
You swish oil around in the mouth? For how long, and do you swallow the oil?