Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why I Chose the Low Carb LifeStyle

For years I have enjoyed learning about how I can take control of my body and improve my health and not depend on some drug prescribed to me to "fix" my condition. I guess for most of us who have "high blood pressure", we go to the doctor, get our reading and walk out with a prescription. I knew there was something I could to do change this, and the eating plan I was on at the time was just "cutting back" on the calories, not watching which foods I was eating. I remembered that I had a paperback book on the "Atkin's diet" was old and I use to read and and think, wow, back then I cut out bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and I started losing the weight..but I only needed to lose about 20lbs back in 2001...but now fast forward to 2008, I had gained most of my weight due to an autoimmune inflammatory disease "called" psoriactic arthritis. I was put on medication-Enbrel to suppress my immune system and it was an immediate relief, but the weight came on like a vengeance! I had to find out more why I felt so bloated and what could I do about it, and this is where through trial and error, cutting back on the refined carbs, eliminating them from my eating and focusing on how the body could not possibly burn off all the sugar and how if I could just get the sugars out of my system and switch over to using the stored fat as my sounded so impossible to me, but the minute I talked myself into living a low carb lifestyle instead of a low fat was easy for me to get control of my health and my blood pressure and arthritis condition under, 2013, I continue to eat a lifestyle that fits me, my body, and my health. Clean eating, non process foods, and shopping for fresh produce is the way it is for me, I can go out to eat, and choose which foods I know will benefit me the most. I am a fat burner, and most people would not know that "fat" is a healthy choice because quality fats and quality protein is what my body is design to work the best at. The "sugars" are just enough from the digestible carb I eat, then the stored fat is easier to get to because the sugar is just enough to balance me through out the day and night. I am not on NO CARB diet, that is not what works for me..I balanced my lifestyle, and the weight continues to come off, but it is fatloss that is going to take sometime and the muscle rebuilding is amazing to me, at any age, if you look into the food you eat, and the activity level you are at..burning off the sugar is fine, as long as the sugar is not stored into the fat cell to just sit am living, controlling that carb monster and moving forward!!



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