Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I am Iron-Woman

Ever see that commercial  for Geritol, you know, the one with the old folks, the silver hair, the slow dance, the no energy people and next thing you know, they pop a special formulated vitamin, and wow...they are up and at it with more energy then ever....well, because Geritol is load with Iron.  Not everyone who is tired, middle age, post menopause who are tired and low energy are low on Iron.

 I found out recently that my iron level are elevated and that more testing will be done to verify if I have Hemochromatosis. I am pretty sure I do, only because about 12 years ago, a doctor who I was seeing to prepare me for a hysterectomy told me I have more blood then most women, I am guessing I have more red blood cells then the norm, but he really left it at that. I have always had problems with heavy bleeding over my lovely, wonderful, pleasant years of my monthly aunt flo visit...she always came with enough luggage, (if you know what I mean). This probably is why I never had a problem with too much iron in my blood, because over those several long, painful, yucky year, I've seem to eliminate enough blood to even out my iron levels, and I was never anemic, nor tired.

 Here is a good article on iron, the good and the bad of Iron, written by Berkly Wellness "People with hemochromatosis, in particular, should avoid excess iron. This hereditary disorder, which affects more than one million Americans (mostly of northern European descent), causes over absorption and storage of iron. Left untreated, this leads to weakness, headaches, darkening of skin, sexual dysfunction, joint pain and eventually diabetes, arthritis, liver disease and/or heart failure." you can read more here:

 Right now, I am to limit my intake on red meat, no vitamins with iron, no cooking in iron skillets, and check back in a month for follow up, I have not been told from previous blood tests that my iron levels were elevated, so now I will hope that I can get the levels down naturally, and start to see if my arthritis can get under control, and more energy...high iron can cause a lot of health problems, especially with the heart and cancers..because the red blood cells are rich, and more inviting for infections and inflammation. Iron is also stored in the liver, spleen and bone marrow, so it is also important to have a healthy liver, I can continue to take milk thistle, and liver cleanse with diatomaceous earth drinks and apple cider vinegar tonic drinks.

Below is a video I made where I talk a little bit about bloodletting, and what procedures, if any, may need to be done if I can't get my iron levels down.

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thank you for your video. very helpful. ~Val