Fasting? Jump starting Fat- Loss?

It amazes me how involved I'm in to finding more about myself, more now than ever before. This may sound weird, but if it had not been for my extreme weight gain over a 5 year span and being diagnosed with an auto inflammatory auto immune disease, I would not be as educated as I am today about weight loss, metabolism, and how my body responds to the foods I eat, and to the way I think about my health. Improving my health seem to be the center of my focus these days.

When I stumbled across "Low Carb", I had no idea what low carb was until about 2 years ago. All I knew about "dieting" was when you stop eating and your stomach is grumbling, then it is shrinking!! ha!-this is how I was taught, I guess back in the old days, that was the way to lose weight, starvation, but was it really starvation, or was it fasting? I remember growing up, being is high school, I never ate breakfast, I was never hungry and I waiting till lunch time for my first meal of the day, then I ate supper. So, I guess I was practicing fasting back then and didn't know, I think I could try my inner strength and devote 1 month out of my life to get my body to detoxify and burn more body fat and store less-That's my goal plan!

When I think of "fasting" it is of one or two things. One- going to the doctor for blood work, or going to have a procedure done(like having your wisdom teeth cut out) and being put under anesthesia. Or...Two- for religious reasons, mostly my slight knowledge of the Muslim Fasting during Ramadan which going with out food or drink from sunrise to sunset.

As I started to think of "Intermittent Fasting", I wanted to learn more, and how if any, would this jump start my weight loss, help with my joint inflammation, clear my head, maybe even bring me closer to my surroundings, concentrating on the now, instead of the "then".

Also there is another Fast that I am researching about, it is Dr Atkin's "Fat Fast:" 
The Fat Fast consists of a 3 or 5-day cycle in which you consume just 1,000 calories a day. 75-90% of those calories should come from fat. (The Fat Fast should not be extended beyond 5 days because it is deficient in protein.) . Frequent feedings prevent hunger better than three meals a day, so you consume five feedings, perhaps one every four hours, comprising 200 calories each.

So, I will take some time over the weekend for more researching about trying new ways to jump start the low carb fat loss. As long as it is for jump starting, I am ready for getting back to the wonderful feeling of fat loss. I will continue to research about weight loss, and getting my psoriatic arthritis under control and focusing on detoxification and allowing my body to adjust to . I believe the elimination diet also will work for me. I am looking into foods that cause my arthritis to flare up, and soon..tomatoes, pepper  and limit amounts of caffeine and other night shade foods might also need to be added to my  elimination research, I know for sure sugar alcohols I some times go over board, and I may be one of those people who need to avoid all sugar alcohols and stick with stevia as I don't need that much sweeteners anymore.

I love life, and continue to live life and I will keep adjusting to keep my life balanced. I will not sit back and let the days and nights go by standing still. I am so excited that discovering the healthy benefits of coconut oil has open a whole to road for me to travel. I enjoy the fact that oil pulling can be done first thing in the morning before I eat breakfast, and if I decide to do the fasting, I could experiment oil pulling during the 19 hour fast. I think I could do the window of 5 hour eating, maybe I will try oil pulling in the morning, eat my first meal around noon, then my second meal by 5pm and repeat the cycle for 3 days on and 4 days of the "Fat Fast" and try this for 2 weeks or even a whole month......I will always stick with low carb, but sometimes, you need to take a different direction, and for me, taking medications, and having chronic painful arthritis which prevents me sometimes for regular activity will cause weight gain and also frustration, because I have goals to meet and I will not stop my researching, I am my own experiment, in a healthy way.