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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Creating New Fat Cells for Toxin Storage

You know what? I spend more time researching on the internet and reading to all hours of the night about how little I knew about the human body and how little was told to me about the truth.

How come, please hear me out, how come cancer is still around, how come there are more children born with ADD and ADHD and how come heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are so common in younger adults...what happen? Why are there more unhealthy people then there are healthy people, why is it that you have to go out of your way to take control of your own health, and not trust everything you hear.
..I am sorry, but if I had not stayed up late at night, and watch so many controversial documentaries, I would of never known about how wheat, and refined carbohydrates where some of the many toxins I have been ingesting in the past 20 years when the boom of the 1980's preservatives hit the market, how going sugar free and replacing that cane sugar with chemicals manufactured in a lab but was approved by our governments, and how good food tasted when you just add a little MSG to it, gosh, and let's not forget how great it was to suffer from those headaches, because you were eating low calorie, low fat , because fat was the cause of obesity in the 80's....well....I didn't have to give up much fat, because I never "craved" fat, I craved that bread, that wheat belly bread, and thinking wheat was the safe and better bread to eat....Have you ever experienced headaches or other general ill feelings when you've gone on a diet? This is typical and is a result of previously stored toxins being released into the body again as you burn or release fat. You are, in essence, unsealing the toxins and flushing them out. This is one of the primary reasons it’s critical to drink plenty of water when you’re losing fat. 

I try my best to minimize foods that contain toxins such as preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics, and heavy metals (such as the mercury increasingly found in some species of fish). Your body will protect itself by holding onto fat to lock the toxins away. I also am very much aware of acetaminophen and prescription medications I take for my psoriatic arthritis due to chronic joint pain at time, but being able to eliminate pesticides and preservatives have made a big difference in how I feel and my ability to focus on my weight loss journey and fitness health.

Much of our produce today has been sprayed with pesticides to reduce crop loss to bugs and other chemicals have been proven to leak into crops through water drainage that gets into the soil during the growing season. There can also be toxins introduced to food sources while they are being harvested, sorted and packed for shipment to your grocery store.

Of course, you are already aware that many water sources contain toxins today as well. Even bottled water may include toxins! Many preservatives used to extend the shelf life of packaged foods are toxic to the body in large quantities. This is one of many good reason to eliminate process foods from your diet, trying to eat clean and shop on the outer sides of the grocery store.

Since toxins are not natural particles or food sources that the body is familiar with, your organs can quickly become overwhelmed by all of these toxins. When this happens, you will start to store much of the toxic matter in your fat cells. In fact, you may actually create completely new fat cells just for the storage of these toxins.

So, my theory about why I am holding on to fat is more about my body having toxins and this is a reaction, to protect my organs, silly thing, but being fat is a reaction our body has created, more like armor. My weight loss is slow, but taking Milk Thistle supplements is doing it's job to help the liver neutralized toxins along with coconut oil and low carb clean eating, meat without hormones and antibiotics, eggs-cage-free, hormone free, no antibiotics. I am on my way to getting those stored toxins out of my fat cell and begin the healthy benefits of losing weight and gaining knowledge. Remember, if haven't yet, please read labels, find out where your fruits and vegetables are grown, and clean eating meats, no antibiotic and hormones, this is why meat gets a bad rap, you are eating chemicals from meats...chicken is very easy to find and a good price---beef might be pricey, but good benefits from grass fed beef. I have yet been able to purchase grass fed butter, but if I can that is one my's not expensive to eat clean, it just takes time to prepare, most produce does not have a shelf life..which is good..if you have something that last longer than a week, then it might have some preservative...gluten is that tasty evil sticky guy that loves to reek havoc on your gut and internal organ.

"For decades we've been told gaining and losing weight is all about the calories. Just one little problem: the research says otherwise. Diabetics undergo dramatic weight changes when they adjust their insulin levels -- and so do you. Your diet determines how much insulin your body will produce over time. From the documentary "Fat Head."