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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oil Pulling-Folk Remedies and My Experiences

I finally wanted to share what I have been learning about "Oil Pulling". I came across Folk Remedies and read quit a few very interesting remedies that I also have been experiencing, and one of them was increase amount of energy and the lessen arthritic pain. I have been Oil Pulling every morning for almost 3 weeks now. Some times its hard to take 15 minutes from my morning routine, but I keep reminding myself, that if I want to document results, positive and or negative, I have to continue oil pulling, along with consuming coconut oil on a daily basis.Please read more from Folk Remedies link below:
Oil Pulling Folk Remedies
Swish one tablespoon Coconut Oil( a good quality oil) I use tropical tradition's Gold Label Organic Coconut Oil around the mouth and pulled through the teeth 15-20 on an empty stomach(6 hours without food), the oil should become thinner and be white as the process continues. This swishing activates enzymes that will draw toxins out of the blood. I recommend that you sit and watch TV or a video, and not do something that you have to multi task on, it may distract you, and you do not want to swollen the toxic mixture.

Here a just a few that really got me excited, I really wanted to see if this works, and my health comes first and here are in order what I am looking to document over the next few months..let's see if these remedies will help me from Coconut Oil Pulling:

1.With the use of oil pulling for around a two month period, arthritis has greatly improved and in some cases completely disappeared. I suffer from Psoriatic Arthris and lower back pain, I will for sure document this if i see any changes in my level of pain.

2. The oil pulling process will reverse the loosening of teeth, eliminate bleeding gums and provide a very noticeable difference in the whiteness of your teeth. It has also put a stop to sensitive teeth and has shown to even remove plaque and stains! I have bone loss around my second molars, I will be going to the dentist for deep cleaning in a month, by then, the dentist will check the bone loss, and I will be able to document any changes in my gums, teeth and bone loss.

3. Many people using oil pulling have reported as much as a 50% decrease in the amount of gray hair and their hair turning back to their normal youthful color! I stopped coloring my hair, which is really drastic for me, I never went more than 2 months with out coloring my hair, seeing gray hair really proved, I am 52..but mentally I would not know I was that "number" mentally I am much younger..but I am kewl with my age. I love every year and look forward to healthier active years!

4. Users have also cited a large decrease in hot flashes from menopause, some users even stopped having them altogether after they started oil pulling. Oh yes, I just was proven about a month ago, I am totally in menopause, hot flashes- not as much, but during the night, I do have those fun night sweats, that fan has been on every night...even in the winter..but not as much, believe me, I would be so excited to document hot flashes and night sweats are a goner!

5. Some users have reported a remarkable decrease in sugar cravings, resulting in weight loss! Well, of course since I am a true Low Carber for life..there are those times I eat that cake, and pie and also cookies..but that is somethings I don't crave much any more, but sometimes....I just want the sweets not to be anything but from fruits and veggies...I will be excited if oil pulling, removes sugar cravings..I was a carb o holic, but low carb keeps me under control from that monster!

I love learning about myself, and my health is so important to me, and I need to stay healthy, so that I can stay active and be able to lose the weight, gain the muscle and feel the energy even if I have a flare up from my arthritis, I have not had a cold, cough, or sinus pain, I still have back pain, and my skin condition is under control. My hair color will be a very interesting experiment, if it changes back to brown, then I would change my current gray hair to blonde....not sure how long I can go without coloring my hair, but I am all about experimenting, so far...Coconut Oil Pulling is part of my daily routine!! I LOVE coconut oil!! I consume it daily also, as in my coffee, or a glob off a spoon, I cook with it, I slather it on my skin, hair, nails, and my weight loss has to continue, no matter what...coconut oil, is my FAT for life...the healthiest oil I could consume and use for every day...and for my kitty kats...