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Monday, August 5, 2013

When to Drink Your Protein Drink when Working Out

 When my arthritis is under control and behaving itself, I can do most any activity I want, but I never really though of trying a protein shake until now, I really would like to replace my morning breakfast with a shake sometimes, so I am really anxious to give this a go, and being creative with my low carb lifestyle and passing it on to my kids and extended family members. So, I did some reading up on protein shakes and found out a lot of info on when you should drink this, I am a beginner, and I am also someone who loves to research, so now I know when to drink this protein shake for the most beneficial part of my day, especially if it is my trotting day, I am still anxious to continue that couch to 5K and do my 5 mile bike ride all year around, since I live in Southern California, it is almost the law if you don't get out and do some kind of activity, that's part of the whole lifestyle change, getting up and moving! The importance of protein in every day life helps build and repair muscle, especially when you are doing that intense workout, of just keeping an active lifestyle. Losing weight and keeping fit is so important to me, at any age, its never to late to change for a better health.

 I still doing my morning oil pulling with coconut oil, and add coconut oil to my coffee, but now I will be adding it to my protein shake, just because, the benefits of coconut oil has really made a huge difference in my life.

Here is a list of the when and why you should drink your protein drink
starting in order the importance:

Immediately After A Workout
If you only take protein powder once per day, this is the absolute best time to take it. Immediately after you finish your workout, your body needs raw materials to rebuild and recover with. If you don't supply the raw materials through eating, your body will break down muscle from elsewhere in your body in order to rebuild the damaged areas. This is very counterproductive as you can well imagine. By taking in some protein (20 to 30 grams or so) within minutes after exercise, you provide your body with the raw materials it needs to recover without breaking down its own muscle tissue.

An Hour After A Workout
About an hour following a workout, your body has settled down from the excitement and is ready to really start rebuilding. The protein that you took in immediately following the workout has been metabolized and your body is looking for more. Another protein shake at this time is a good way to help speed recovery. Try to take in another 20 to 30 grams about an hour after working out.

First Thing In The Morning
Immediately upon waking, or as soon after that as you can manage, take a scoop of protein powder. Your body has just been through an (approximately) 8 hour fast and is hungry for nutrients. Feed your body! protein powder is more quickly assimilated than solid food and gets into your muscles faster. This protein shot gives your metabolism a boost, which can help with fat loss. Be sure to follow it with a good breakfast, of course. For me, if I am going to drink a protein drink, my breakfast will be only 1 egg and cheese or a low carb piece of toast with butter or almond butter, Breakfast is the most important meal to start my low carb day, I try to keep my blood sugar steady, if not, the Carb Monster comes out to play!

Last Thing At Night
You're about to sleep for 6 to 8 hours. That's a long time without protein. Unsweetened almond milk is very low carb--It has1 g of carbs per 4 ounces. That makes it lower carb than cream! At night, you want your protein to be metabolized slowly so that your body gets a more even supply over the course of the night. .

In-between Meals
A quick protein shake can be a great snack in between meals. It helps keep your body supplied with protein all day long. This is especially useful if you tend to have long periods of time in-between meals. It could mean the difference between losing muscle and keeping muscle

With Meals
Taking a protein supplement with meals is a handy way to increase the protein content of a meal. This is perfect for when you eat a meal that is somewhat low in protein.

Half hour before a workout.
This sets up the "anabolic window" before your workout and provides your muscles with adequate nutrition if you are working out with weights because weight training breaks down muscle and won't be as severe.

So now I know to remember Never drink a protein supplement immediately before working out! It won't boost your energy because basically, all it does is sit in the stomach and causes bloating, which is valuable blood that should be going to working muscles gets sent to the digestive system to try and digest it.
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