Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Grass-Fed Cheese Benefits

So for the past few weeks I have had the delighted excitement of of trying different flavors of Kerrygold cheeses. I found them on sale and always wanted to try the grass fed cheeses.

I had researched for several month on the health benefits of grass fed meats, and now cheese and butter will always be from grass fed cows.
When you visit your local super market, take a look at what American Cheese is made out of. Of course it is such a flavorful cheese which brings back childhood memories. I've always love Velveeta cheese, and not to say I will never eat it again, but I know that the less chemicals I consume in my foods, the better my health I will have

Kraft American Cheese Singles:

Imported European cheeses are very pricey, usually find them in the gourmet section. Europeans don’t treat their dairy cows with growth hormones, and the cows eat the very lush green grasses in the valley which usually have natural streams and the cows are free to roam and eat the way they are naturally suppose to eat. You can tell if a cheese is made with raw milk by reading the ingredients label.

I am so happy that I was finally able to purchase this cheese. Kerrygold butter has been the number one butter with it's rich pure flavor and know it is not filled with hormones and antibiotics. Most of the time I spend researching, I end up spending more money on the foods I eat, but the quality and flavor makes up for the high cost of foods that are good for you. Of course Kerrygold is only one of many brands that offer grass fed cheese. Raw cheese from grass fed cows is the cheese I want to eat from now on. Once I took one bite of this cheese, I felt like it was sweet heaven. I eat cheese as a side, I eat it as a snack and I eat it with my eggs in the morning. The sales are over for now, but at a reasonable price, I will purchase again. I can wait till I can afford the good healthy cheese, but I won't give in to process foods, just to save money. I rather pay the price at the checkout stand, then the price of a new health condition that comes from eating too much chemicals in my foods.

Think it over next time you reach for that cheddar cheese, do your really want to eat more hormone and antibiotics...I am so happy the chicken I eat is hormone free, antibiotic free, and the eggs I purchase are the Happy Eggs

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GmH said...

Hi Bonnie P!
I just found your YouTube videos on the ketogenic diet and on the benefits of coconut oil. Also, I have not seen Kerrygold cheese in my area too often, but will definitely keep an eye on it from now on.
On an unrelated topic, you had mentioned in a video that you have an autoimmune condition and that it flare up sometimes. I don't mean to be presumptuous, but have you heard of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride? She wrote a book detailing her treatment protocol for her wide array of patients. Among the conditions she treats are mental/psychological and all kinds of autoimmune and other physiological conditions. Her book is called: "Gut and Psychology Syndrome." I got it from amazon. Her diet protocol is commonly referred to as the GAPS diet. I started the GAPS diet to heal my IBS and leaky gut syndrome. So far, in two and a half weeks I have noticed tremendous improvements in my digestion and am losing excess weight. This diet lends itself beautifully with the low carb/high healthy fats way of eating since she recommends all factory foods to be avoided in place of natural foods. In a very practical way, I am following this diet in a low carb/high fat way and feel extremely good!
Hope this information is helpful to you :)