Thursday, August 7, 2014

Natural Weight Loss/ Detox Your Body and MORE-Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

 Diatoms are the one celled plant creature that make Diatomacious Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is mined and crushed into shell flour. DE is an amazing detoxifier, years of build up can be removed over time. Some call this a parasite cleanse, you will have regular bowel movements. Because the colon is less coated, you might experience more energy and joint pain relief. This is one major reason I am so happy to find this amazing shell flour, and my hair and nails are improving. I also continue to consume virgin coconut oil, oil pulling, and raw apple cider vinegar drinks. Silica is known to strengthen bones, teeth and beautiful hair and nail. This is not medical advice, please do you own research and check with you doctor before you start any clease. We all harbor parasites in your body, and one natural way to rid these parasites is to take teaspoon of Food Grade Shell Flour and add it to an 8 oz glass of filtered water or sprinkle it over your food or mix into a smoothie, it will not dissolve, so continue to mix as you take a drink. Stay away from FILTER GRADE DE..this is for pools, not for human consumption. One of the main uses of FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth is scrubbing out the internal walls of the intestinal tract. The shell flour has sharp points on the outside skeleton part that are completely safe for the body tissue but actually cut up any parasites that may be present in the intestines. Another interesting fact is as it passes through your system pathogens are absorbed. Pathogens such as Fungi, bacteria, any viruses that may be present and protozoa. But that’s not all heavy metals, drug residues and most pesticides are absorbed and removed from your system as the Food Quality Earth passes through.

 Some health advantages of using regularly :
 - Balancing blood pressure and lowering Cholesterol
 - Reducing Joint Swelling and reducing associated pain
 - Rejuvenating skin and hair
 - Strengthening teeth and improving gum health
 - Strengthening Nails.

 It surprisingly tastes good to me. Just add 1 teaspoon in to your diet daily by adding into your meals or just good filtered water and chug down, it does taste a little like cement to me..kind of what cement smells like..but mix it in a smoothie or sprinkle over your food, no taste at all. You will have to stir the juice a couple of times as DE won’t dissolve and you don’t want it to settle.

 I usually drink this in the morning right after I do my oil pulling with coconut oil. I am keeping a record of how I feel, if my energy level is higher, my hunger is stable, my joint pain is manageable and of course, my sleep pattern has improved. I will set a date for a review in about 3 months as a document the stages of how I am feeling. It usually takes about 2 full weeks to see any signs of improvement for me.

I am removing the toxin out of my body, and clean out my liver to help with fat loss and continue on a ketogenic diet. It is also known that DE(shell flour)is great for horses, dogs, cats and most pets as well. Same as us really. It is great for ridding your animals from worms and if rubbed into their coats, if kept dry will keep fleas and ticks at bay.

 I feed my cats wet food as a treat in the morning, and add the 1/8 teaspoon of DE mixed into their food. I also sprinkle DE into their cat little box for extra absorption of urine, and for fresh a natural deodorizer. Sprinkle some DE in the bottom of your garbage can, it will rid any pest that might decide to live down there, also sprinkle in into the cracks between your baseboards in your home..spiders, ants, roaches, even bed bugs and mites will crawl through the DE trail and will die as the sharp edges will cut through there skin and dry up more using harmful pesticides to rid your bugs and worms, even sprinkle in on your veggie garden and fruit trees.
You can buy Food Grade DE on line, or look at your local feed store. I buy mine through amazon, here is a link to all the food grade DE, it goes a long way and so many uses, I have NO bugs in my home, my cats a flea-free and worm free..and my hair, and nails are improving..and of course, adding to my weight loss plan..I am so happy to help promote this wonderful find...I will continue to do my research and will up date in the next few months...I suffer from an auto immune disease, and I don't need to keep toxins in my body, and cleaning out my colon, and having back my energy to I can go on those 2 mile walks, and find a natural pain reliever is the key for me to stay motivated. Please subscribe to my youtube channel, and feel free to comment below if you have been consuming DE as a natural supplement to your health plan.

Here are some more videos on DE that might interest you

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Grass-Fed Cheese Benefits

So for the past few weeks I have had the delighted excitement of of trying different flavors of Kerrygold cheeses. I found them on sale and always wanted to try the grass fed cheeses.

I had researched for several month on the health benefits of grass fed meats, and now cheese and butter will always be from grass fed cows.
When you visit your local super market, take a look at what American Cheese is made out of. Of course it is such a flavorful cheese which brings back childhood memories. I've always love Velveeta cheese, and not to say I will never eat it again, but I know that the less chemicals I consume in my foods, the better my health I will have

Kraft American Cheese Singles:

Imported European cheeses are very pricey, usually find them in the gourmet section. Europeans don’t treat their dairy cows with growth hormones, and the cows eat the very lush green grasses in the valley which usually have natural streams and the cows are free to roam and eat the way they are naturally suppose to eat. You can tell if a cheese is made with raw milk by reading the ingredients label.

I am so happy that I was finally able to purchase this cheese. Kerrygold butter has been the number one butter with it's rich pure flavor and know it is not filled with hormones and antibiotics. Most of the time I spend researching, I end up spending more money on the foods I eat, but the quality and flavor makes up for the high cost of foods that are good for you. Of course Kerrygold is only one of many brands that offer grass fed cheese. Raw cheese from grass fed cows is the cheese I want to eat from now on. Once I took one bite of this cheese, I felt like it was sweet heaven. I eat cheese as a side, I eat it as a snack and I eat it with my eggs in the morning. The sales are over for now, but at a reasonable price, I will purchase again. I can wait till I can afford the good healthy cheese, but I won't give in to process foods, just to save money. I rather pay the price at the checkout stand, then the price of a new health condition that comes from eating too much chemicals in my foods.

Think it over next time you reach for that cheddar cheese, do your really want to eat more hormone and antibiotics...I am so happy the chicken I eat is hormone free, antibiotic free, and the eggs I purchase are the Happy Eggs

Monday, March 17, 2014

Coconut Oil Fat Fast and Getting Into Dietary Ketosis

So this week I have decided with the celebration of spring just around the corner, which here in Southern California it's more like summer, I decided to pull out the big stuff and start with the Fat Fasting getting my body into dietary ketosis to speed up my metabolism since it's been awhile that I really up the coconut oil and oil pulling.
I believe that the ketogenic diet works for someone like me. I am not a mobile as I use to be, I have had some flare ups recently with my psoriactic arthritis and also recently changed new doctors who are trying new medications on me, which I really won't care to share at this moment because these drugs may be what I need to set my immune system back to normal and not over reacting.

 I plan to document more about my auto immune disease soon, but for now, I want to get that extra weight off from not being able to walk and move around, and get the energy I need to mentally and physically become active again. I have been through a lot of personal changes in the past year and let those changes benefit me into this year as I gain more knowledge about my disease and more knowledge of how I can live a decent life with pain management,clean eating and detoxing my body of gunk my liver loves to store if I don't do something about it now.

 What is the Fat Fast? Well, I have followed many blogs and really tweak it to my own schedule of “condensed eating window” as in a very good article on Mark's Daily Apple page, here is the link
Marks says "Choose your own timing and length of window based on your schedule and preferences. If you can’t decide, you can consider condensing your eating between the hours of eleven and 5:00 p.m." I chose to eat between 12pm and 6pm and will oil pull 3 times a day, morning, noon and before bed, empty stomach, and eat 3 tablespoons of coconut oil within that time frame of 12pm-6pm, I usually cook with the oil too, so it won't be hard at all to consume 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil at all. I also plan to follow a bit of the Atkins Fat Fast too.

Now, one thing people don't really know about is adding Raw apple cider vinegar to your foods with the fat fast. I usually drink one glass of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons AVC with 8 ounces ice water, drink slowly or normally through a straw...but this time I will drink this 3 drinks a day through out the day and evening. That eating is for foods only between 12pm-6pm, but I will be drinking plenty water to flush my liver and help digestion and staying full through out the 18 hours of fasting.
 I believe 18 hours is a good enough fast time for me and usually can last 6 weeks if I stay focused.

The main reason I am doing this is of course to start the fat loss process, but also to stay connected with my mental wellness to over come any difficulties I endure and to know that through out my life, things happen that I have little control over outside of me, but when I can control the strength and focus of positive thoughts, anything is possible, especially living with chronic pain, and still being able to enjoy life and all that is offered to me. What I eat will depend on my ability to stay focused and not that I have temptations, of course I do, but to know that being in a ketogenic state mean my body knows what to do with the extra ketones I don't need.
I use my fat cells to burn for energy, have enough sugar to stable me, and still be able to plan meals that are not boring to me.

Eggs-no hormone, cagefree
Butter, real butter
virgin coconut oil
virgin olive oil
dark meat chicken-hormone free
cream cheese
heavy whipping cream
home made ranch dressing cheese
fibrous carbs-green leafy veggies
bone broth
bacon-apple gate
cottage cheese
nuts, almonds, walnuts, and macadamians
coffee tea
30-40 net carbs daily, fats, protein, carb ratio

 Fat fasting is an good way (for me) to lose fat with minimal muscle loss.
Here is another great link to read: Atkins Fat Fast
by Dana Carpenter-

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Living Grain Free - Coconut and Almond Flour Biscuits

I've been trying to find a grain free biscuit recipe that has all the goodness of fiber, protein and low carb. I wanted to find away to use coconut flour and almond flour and coconut oil and came up with this recipe that I think is a winner in my family. I don't miss grain much anymore, but if I did decide to eat the bun on my burger, I would usually end up with joint pain and feeling of dry skin and bloating. Giving up grains was not that hard to do since I know it does effect my health and for some reason having an auto immune inflammatory disease is a great reminder to stay away from wheat or other grains, thanks to Wheat Belly written by William Davis MD, I have learned so much and am still learning about all the more reason why a change in what we eat can make a huge difference in how we feel. Here is my recipes that can be modified in many ways.

MY CATS EAT GRAIN-FREE CAT FOOD TOO!! I've gone grain free, gluten free and experimenting with many recipes using almond flour and coconut flour The wheat and grains today are so over processed and causes so many flareup with my arthritis, and finding an alternative nut flour is the most amazing feeling of happiness..I don't worry about fats, too many calories, or heating almond flour..I do not eat biscuits often, but its is a treat on a Sunday morning, eating a grain-free biscuit, drinking my coffee with coconut oil and heavy whipping cream, poached egg and bacon. Blanched Almond Flour is the best almond meal you can find on the market. Made from skinless California almonds with no additives or fillers, this nut flour is milled to a very fine consistency that produces amazing results especially for low carb baking! What's the difference between Blanched Almond Flour and Natural Almond Flour? Natural Almond flour has the skins on it..that's all...more nuttier flavor. I use the blanched almond flour in this recipe. Shelf-Life: Stores for 6 to 9 months. Almond flour may also be refrigerated or frozen for storage purposes. But if you are going to do alot of baking with almond flour, in my opinion it is best to make fresh batches of biscuits each time 

I use 6 egg white to make the biscuit fluffy and they will be dense, but the texture is awesome to spread butter, or cheese or even sugar free it easy to make your own fresh, no artificial sweeten jams
6 eggs whites -hormone free, cage free hen eggs are the best!!!
 3/4 cup blanched almond flour
 1/4 cup coconut flour
 1 teaspoon baking powder
 1/4 teaspoon salt(sea salt)
 1 tablespoons coconut oil, make sure it is hard, not melted
 3 tablespoon of cold butter cut in cubes
***chill the mixture in the frig for about 15 minutes
 Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
 Line a baking sheet with parchment paper
 In a medium bowl whisk egg whites until they form peaks.
 Fold the egg whites into the chilled flour mixture
mix gently well drop the biscuit dough onto the parchment paper, flatten 3/4 inch with fork or by hand

*One trick I found is to make sure the butter and coconut oil stay cold, and work fast to get the dough incorporated
Bake for 15-18 minutes, or until the tops are golden brown, brush with coconut oil to get a crispy crust.

For a sweet treat, add cinnamon and sprinkle stevia or truvia
The almond flour is rich in protein, coconut flour is high in dietary fiber and protein, and is gluten-free. It has more fiber than gluten-based grains

 My personal choices to purchase these product from: where to buy good quality coconut flour
good qualityVirgin Coconut Oil-

Where to buy almond flour-you want to buy the almond flour that is super fine, for this recipe, the natural almond flour has the skins left on are great for making crunchy topping or sprinkle over yogurt. HONEYVILLE- 


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